Yes we can 2009 foto 70x1.00cm

freak show

Exhibition "Freak Show", Galerie Califia, Horazdóvice, Czech Republic 2009

For Freak Show, Doro has developed two special photoworks.

Doro thinks that the world is becoming a more and more multi cultural place.
It is very important that people share their cultures, lifestyle and their economy.
Barack Obama as the new president of America, Doro hopes, will make that difference.
Perhaps he will able us to make a change and create a better future for our kids.
Here you see two of Doro's photo's.
The first one is entitled "Culture Boy Twice", and shows Doro's son, Doedoe, age 1,5, in a Dutch and African backgound and clothing illustrating the two cultures Doedoe unites.
The second one is entitled "Yes We Can". Barack Obama and Doedoe, in front of the flags of The United States and the European Union. Everyone can make his own impression of this project.